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Roll up, roll up and join our live Rainbow tombola style fun and get an entire parcel of surprises drawn live in front of you! 
We are running our second live draw on Sunday July 10th at 8pm where every ticket is a winner and what you win is a complete surprise until it’s drawn live on the day. The first event was a great success and everyone loved joining in so we are doing it all over again!

  • Tickets cost £2 each and you purchase as many as you’d like to fill your parcel with great surprises. For example 10 tickets would be £20 and you are guaranteed to receive 10 products for this. 
  • Products will be chosen from across our range and will be worth more than the total of the tickets sold however each ticket isn’t guaranteed to be a set value. For example a £2 ticket could win you a £6.50 shower fluff, a £2.95 wax melt snap bar, a bath bomb, a wax product or even a 60p sample. You are guaranteed a product from across our range for each ticket you have and this could include new products, limited editions and upcoming releases as well as mainline products and prior season specials.  
  • Prizes will all be numbered and when ticket sales close on Sunday 10th July at 6pm you will be assigned a random number for each of your tickets prior to the live draw. These will be published on our social media pages and you will all be given a customer number that we will use during the draw. If you want to reveal your number you are welcome too. 
  • During the draw we will reveal what product/prize each number relates too and your products will later be packaged and weighed. 
  • Postage is required to be paid separately once we know the weight of your order. We will contact you to notify you of this once the draw is complete. 

This is something completely new that we are trialling to add some fun to our business so please get in touch if you have any questions or want to give any feedback. 

If you are purchasing only tickets you are not required to add any postage to your order upfront. Please choose local collection when checking out to avoid postal fees. If you do choose to pay postage up front this is absolutely fine and we will send your parcel straight out after the draw as long as the postage paid covers the weight of your parcel.

Please can we request that if you are going to purchase multiple tickets this is done as one order or multiple orders of a few at a time as this makes it much easier to track. Payment fees are also very high for us too and we are charged per transaction so if only a single ticket is purchased at a time it makes it infeasible for us to continue to run.

If you would like to purchase tickets singularly please get in touch with us and we can offer this via bank transfer which does not incur as high fees as website processing. 

Super excited for this 🎟🌈


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