Handmade | Shower Gel | Body Wash | Vegan Friendly – Scented Rainbows
Tea Tree  & Lemon Shower Gel - luxurious foaming handmade shower gel and soap -bursting with essential oils - kind on skin - suitable for sensitive skin

Tea Tree & Lemon Shower Gel

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This earthy, fresh body wash contains lashings of Tea Tree & Lemon Essential Oils. Great for use head to toe, especially good for oily skin types. You can also you this on your hair as a mild shampoo. These are all uniquely handmade with rich high quality ingredients, all sourced cruelty free and vegan friendly.

Totally free from SLS, SLES, Parabens and many other nasties found in 'high-street' products.

Our body wash/shower gels are gentle and mild and are normally very well tolerated by people with sensitive skin, and other dry skin conditions. It took us 6 months to formulate a recipe that we were happy with, using high quality ingredients to make a mixture that foams very well, smells fantastic and feels wonderful on the skin. 

These are super scented meaning a very small amount is all that is needed for a great highly scented shower. Each bottle contains 250ml and will easily last 20+ showers.