Tropical Shower Scrub | Handmade Kaolin Clay | Vitamin E – Scented Rainbows
Tropical Romance Fluffy Shower Scrub - luxury tropical fruity shower scrub, colourful and nourishing body soap scrub

Tropical Romance Fluffy Shower Scrub

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An insanely good tropical scent just like our summer fling bars. Our fluffy scrubs are foamy and exfoliating bursting pots of joy with a wonderful fragrance. Sugar scrubs are super easy to use, and only a small amount is needed. 

These contain some amazing skin loving ingredients including kaolin clay a natural occurring, soft mineral rich clay to help cleanse the skin by absorbing excess oil. Coconut oil to soften & protect the skin while soothing. It’s also often said to reduce the symptoms which associate with eczema & psoriasis as it encourages a natural balance to the skin. Almond oil packed with vitamin E, said to be Super moisturising and have a conditioning effect on the skin.