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We often get asked what are the best wax melts for a certain scenario and this can be as far ranging as from what are the best wax melts to relax with? To what are the best wax melts to give you energy? To what are the best wax melts for headaches? So I have compiled a list of my personal choices for various scenarios. I hope this helps you choose a scent to match every situation. If you personal favourites you find useful please get in touch and we will add them.

What is the best scent for:

Relaxing - A good classic lavender scent blend by its nature has great relaxing tones. I like to opt for Coconut Milk and Lavender Waffle as it has the great natural relaxing abilities from Lavender but also a great calming soft scent of coconut milk.

Headaches - Minty fragrances I find are great for clearing the air and in turn my head space. There is no medical factor to prove this however personally I find mint is great for helping with any form of headaches. I choose After The Rain as its a great outdoorsy fresh scent but has a good strong mint too. If I want something very minty I opt for Minty Menthol which is an olbas oil type scent.

Getting Rid Of Foodie Smells - For this you need something strong to overpower the whiffs left after cooking. I always choose Have A Bath as the lemongrass element takes over and creates a great fresh fragrance in place of cooking odours.

Motivation and Energy - For this I choose citrus fruits and zingy scents. I find the citrus gives a good happy tone and the fizzyness and zing just makes me want to get moving that bit faster. I choose Fizz when I want a little energy boost and Invigorating for a motivational push. 

Reminiscing of Holidays - For me this has to have coconut in it but also a lovely outdoorsy beach fragrance. My go to will always be Swaying Palms but Hawaiian sun cream comes a very close second.

A Bit of Fun and Frivolity - This has to be a sweetie scent. Now we have loads to choose from so its a difficult one to pick but my fav has to be candy bananas as those great foam treats are perfect for making anyone smile.


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