What are the best bath bombs for children?

In our opinion there are a few key things to consider when thinking of which bath bombs are best for your little loved ones.
 - The first and most important thing to consider is, are they safe? All our bombs are suitable for children aged over 3 years and contain great skin friendly ingredients. They are all also cosmetically assessed by a trained assessor and registered on the government portal. If you are concerned your child may have an allergy or may be sensitive to any bath products (not just our own) always thoroughly read the ingredients and if comfortable then perform a small patch test using a bowl of water and a small amount of product on the hands and arms. 
- The second thing to consider is are they fun? Kids love bath time and what better way to make bath time fun and an experience to treasure forever than with a super fun colourful fizzing treat. We try and have lots of bombs in bright colours and fun designs and even have some great toy bombs too. Check out our great gift guide below with some fab birthday gift ideas for children aged 3+

Fun Hidden Toy Bath Bombs

Ay up duck is a fab fruity sweet scent and includes a fun mini bath duck inside a swirling blue and yellow colourful bomb. Link

Popular Character Bath Bombs

Kids love to have fun characters at bath time and these famous shapes will be recognisable to all ages.

Baby Shark bath bomb Link

Puppy patrol bath bomb Link


Little princess lol doll Link

Magical Multicoloured Bath Bombs

Dragons breath cauldron Link

Happy cloud bath bomb Link

We have over 100 bath bombs to choose from in lots of amazing colours and designs.

Top Tips For Bath Time Fun

  • To get the full affects of the fizz gently hold the bath bomb on the waters surface once you have finished running the bath. 
  • Never throw it in the water just place it gently
  • Avoid any of our bombs described as "long lasting slow fizz". These are more suited to long luxury soaks in the bath and fizz gently on the bottom of the tub as they are packed with rich cocoa butters. 
  • For multiple uses try our bath rocks or bath dusts or even crumble a bath bomb up and sprinkle a little into each bath.

If your ever unsure or want any recommendations please get in touch.




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