What are the best wax melts?

In all honesty this is a really difficult question to answer as it really does depend on what you are looking for and also your own sense of smell. I'll try and break it down over a few factors to help:

What Scent/Fragrance is the best?

Smell is very much like your taste and what some people find lovely, others hate. We do try and cater for all smells by having a huge range of scents constantly available and if you aren't sure what would be good for you, we are here to help so please just ask. Some classic strong scent scents include:

Fruity Black Cherry
Sweet Rainbow Sherbet
Clean Lenora
Fresh Baby Powder
Dupe Ice Queen


What is the best long lasting wax melt?

How long a wax melt lasts depends hugely on what wax warmer/burner you are using. Tea light warmers are great at giving a strong scent throw however as they get hotter they will burn off the fragrance quicker whereas an electric warmer remains at a consistent temperature so tends to "burn" off fragrance much slower. This consistent temperature is usually much lower than how hot a flame gets and therefore does not heat the wax as much and does not throw the scent as far in most cases.

What is the best wax for wax melts?

As an experienced wax maker I actually get asked this by new people starting out in the industry quite a lot. I also see a lot of customers asking this as they have been led to believe only soy wax is good and paraffin is bad. This is very much a myth and one that I would encourage anyone who is truly interested in the pros and cons of each to read up on. Paraffin wax is used by most large scale wax/candle producers and is a by product of the production of fuel, soy is usually championed by smaller businesses and is produced from soy crops. We create all of our wax products using our own unique blend of waxes concentrating on achieving the best possible performance (scent throw) as well as the most environmentally friendly footprint.

What is the best wax melt shape?

This is completely personal preference as all shapes will perform the same when used in the same way as they are all made from the same wax blend (unless otherwise stated). The best shape for you will depend on what you want from your wax. If its convenience we recommend wax bars, waffles and clamshells as they are very quick and easy to break up and use. If you are looking for something that is nice to store we recommend pots for easy stackability  We would also recommend bars for easy storage as they can be lined up neatly. If you are looking for something fun or unusual we recommend our shapes, texture bars or big bars.

What is the best wax melt company?

We obviously want to say us here but please don't just take our word for it. Read the reviews on our social media pages or join our facebook group @scentedrainbowschatter and ask our customers for yourself. We also have been recommended by What's the best and Vogue magazine alongside several small business supporting forums.


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