Can you spot the difference?

2 amazing looking bath bombs and to the naked eye they look very similar however these are made completely differently, with different ingredients, designed for completely different reasons 🛁. Both smell great but here are why they are so different:

One is a fast fizzing, bath art creating, whirlwind of fun. Great for anyone looking for a colourful bath.

The other is a slow fizzer, packed with skin nourishing ingredients, designed to release all of its great skin friendly oils whilst you soak and get the full benefit. These will colour the water but aren’t likely to make a huge amount of colourful “art” so are more suited to anyone looking for a bath to benefit your skin.

We have a range of both types to cater for all tastes/needs and if your ever looking for a specific type or want something particular from your bath experience just get in touch and we will happily help out.

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