Spring Cleaning Wax Melt Collection

Spring Cleaning Wax Melt Collection

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Have you ever found yourself in this situation?.................Guests are coming over, you want your home to smell super clean and fresh, like as if you've just done your big spring clean? But you don't actually have the time to do the big clean............This spring clean wax melt collection is perfect for you.

We've carefully chosen 8 different clean fragrances and brought them all together into this fabulous collection. Included you have:

- Bleach
- Laundromat (A US Laundry product)
- ZoFlo Fresh (A popular fresh cleaning product fragrance)
- Fresh Linen (Clean fresh laundry, just off the line)
- Anti-Bac (Similar in scent to a well known cleaning brands anti bac spray)
- Polish (Just like the famous red furniture polish tin)
- Fluffy Towels (Think fluffy, warm, just from the dryer scent)
- Flashy Spray (No points for guessing which brands popular bathroom cleaning         spray this one smells like)
Each scent is made into a chunky wax melt burner shape that is suitable to chop in half for 2 separate uses and each melt portion can be used for many hours of long lasting clean fragrance.
  • 8 different clean fragrances
  • Unique wax melt blend
  • Hours of long lasting scent release
  • Handmade wax melt collection