Free Rainbowla - Info

We are excited to announce that we are running a free Rainbowla as a thank you to you all for supporting us this festive season. Below is all the useful info you need to know about taking part. It is long but please take the time to read and ensure you follow the rules to be included. 

How do I Get Tickets?

  1. For every £20 you spend between 1pm Sunday October 15th and 1pm Sunday December 11th you will receive a free Rainbowla ticket. Every £20 equals one ticket so £40 is 2 tickets, £60 is 3 etc. 
  2. There is no limit to the number of tickets you can have.
  3. Tickets are given for total order value excluding postage and orders cannot be combined. (sorry to sound mean but it’s quite a lot of admin work and combining orders would make it almost impossible to keep track of)
  4. Tickets are included within your order box we cannot give these again if lost as they are numbered when added to your box.

What are tickets worth?

  1. Every ticket you receive will be worth one product. Products are chosen as tickets are granted and each numbered ticket will correspond to the same numbered product from our Rainbowla table. 
  2. All products will be full size (no sample sizes) but could be in any format not just what we currently advertise. So for example you could receive a Coco Belle wax melt snap bar whereas these normally come as bows.
  3. Products will be wax/bath/household items and cannot be exchanged for a monetary value or other products. 
  4. Products may be slight seconds/older items but will be perfectly good to use.
How Do I Claim Tickets?
  1.  Once you receive your tickets simply message us via email ( or on any of our social media channels with your full name and ticket numbers. We will then add you to the Rainbowla list.
  2. Any tickets that aren’t claimed by 1pm on the 11th will be combined into raffle prizes and raffled in January with the funds made being gifted to Cancer Research UK.
  3. All orders placed in the few days leading up to the 11th will automatically be included in the Rainbowla and if not claimed by January 9th will also go into the above raffle that will take place at the end of January. 

How Do I Get My Prizes?

  1. A live draw will be held on December 11th (time TBC) where every Rainbowla ticket claimed will be revealed against a preselected prize. Tune in to see what you’ve won. 
  2. All prizes will then be bagged/boxed and held until you are ready to have them posted.
  3. Postage is payable to have your items sent or these can be added to an existing drop box or added to an order placed.
  4. You have until January the 31st to have your winnings sent and any items not claimed/posted by this time will be added to the above mentioned raffle.

If you have any questions please get in touch. We hope you all enjoy your extra free gifts and the added fun our free Rainbowla brings this Xmas. 

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