Mindfulness & Melts

The key to achieving good, positive mental health will be different for each person. For some it will be being outdoors, feeling free and simply being close to nature, for others it could be having a happy family surrounding you and having great shared experiences together and for others it could be the polar opposite and having some quiet reflective me time is what works for you. It really is whatever is personal to you. We would never say wax melts will create good mental health as that simply isn't proven and as it's different for everyone this just can never be promised (no matter what some brands say.)

Scent is strongly linked to emotions and that is scientifically proven, it is also strongly linked to memories and in turn can evoke powerful feelings born from happy memories. We have extensively researched scent notes and how these can be linked to emotions through prior memories to create certain mindful feelings and from this we have created a great wax melt collection to reflect our findings.

We have our mindful moods collection, curated around different mindful states people would like to achieve, such as, chilled vibes, me time, you've got this and multiple others. These all have scent tones aimed at helping promote the intended feeling within the brains chemistry. For example, chilled vibes has calm relaxing tones whereas positivity has uplifting aromas. These are not a guaranteed "melt it and feel it" product. As I've said above I do not believe wax can ever be guaranteed to do this however it's the feeling and atmosphere created around the melting process that these scents can aid. For example if you're looking for some "me time", grab a good book or pop on some music, run a bath and melt some in your bathroom and you can sit back and enjoy your quiet time alone with the great aroma. The same melt in a busy kitchen environment simply wouldn't have the same effect. It would smell good but it is not the scent alone that is working it is using it in conjunction with an atmosphere that matches the feeling you are trying to achieve. The scent notes are designed to really enhance other activities that work for your mindfulness and these things will be personal for each of you. Try it out for yourself and let us know your thoughts.




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