Summer done the Rainbow way

We want to help you get ready for summer with our great prep and prime body products, summer scents and colourful rainbow vibes.

Lets go top to toe!


Get those tired tresses rehydrated and smelling good enough to swish around all day with our new Raspberry Limoncello shampoo bars. These are very fruity and the great vibrant colours are full of hot summer vibes. These are handmade and contain nourishing coco seed butter and argan for lots of hydration ready for those sun rays.


Tickle your senses with some great summer fragrances to suit all tastes. We've got all the classics from Hawaiian suncream and fruity Summer Fling through to delicious mouthwatering blueberry scoop ice cream or the tropical breeze of swaying palms. Lots of great fragrances to drift away to a far away island with and definitely something for everyone here so get those warmers on and let the air fill with the scent of getaways. 


To prep your skin ready for a bit of tan action it is always advisable to exfoliate. We have 3 great exfoliating options with our soap sponges, shower whip scrubs or hand held sugar scrub bars. What suits you best will depend on what your looking for so here’s a run down:

Our sponges have many benefits including, a good solid scrubby side perfect for exfoliation and a soft body wash side. They are solid so can be taken on a plane and not as part of your liquid allowance. They are available in great designer perfume/aftershave inspired scents and can be chopped into smaller cubes to have many pieces for many uses. A sponge can also last 4-6weeks of daily use if stored correctly so will outlive most holidays.

Our sugar scrubs fit perfectly in the palm of your hand so are super easy to use in the shower and they are very scrubby so give a really good level of exfoliation. They contain great moisturising oils too so add moisture into the skin as they work their magic too. 

For a quick touch up whilst in the shower, our handy scrub whips are perfect. They come in great recyclable pots and can be used on a shower pouffe for a gentle scrub or use directly with your hands for a more intense wash.


For most of us, getting our legs out is going to be a mission! They’ve been hidden away all winter and with the great British weather we have needed the extra fuzz to keep us warm so the thought of now putting on a dress of even a bikini is going to be pretty scary! Now let’s just break this down. We want silky smooth, we want no stinging, no red marks, no razor burn and what about the benefit of smelling amazing too? I urge you to try our whipped soap as a shaving cream! You will not look back. They are a soft creamy texture, they allow a razor to glide across the skin with no dragging or pulling. They are moisturising with added kaolin clay and other great ingredients too. They also smell incredible and the scent lingers long after use. We have lots to choose from so you will find a favourite I’m sure! We love pink lemonade for a fizzy summer vibe or candy cotton clouds as it’s just sooooo sweet and scrumptious. 



Lastly, we’ve got to get our tootsies tip top too and for that we’ve got our cute foot shaped foot scrubs. They are the perfect mix of exfoliants, moisturisers and wash so they serve all your needs at once. They are super simple to use and will see you through the whole summer season when used once/twice a week. 

We hope this has inspired you to banish the fuzz, frizz and fear and get cracking on with summer body prep. Enhance your natural beauty and turn on your summer senses with our huge range of summer fragrances and body products. We’ve got you covered all season! 

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