What Is Scent Zoning?

How fragrances and scent zoning can help improve your mood

Scent Zoning Home Fragrance


Whilst many are still working from home and want a calm productive atmosphere we also now see people bringing back entertaining as well as exercising, relaxing and even some home schooling still. Each of these activities triggers a different vibe for your home and brain and matching scents to these can really help enhance the mood.

How does it work?

“In a moment of uncertainty and isolation, associating scents with certain activities or rooms can help people to maintain a good balance between working and relaxing. The rationale is to exploit the positive effects that scents have on our feelings and mood." By using scents to chunk your day up into set times/activities it can really help link into your moods. To switch off after a busy work day or wind down after a hectic day with the children use a nice relaxing aroma or opt for uplifting fragrances to kick start things like exercise and your morning routine.

Why does it work?

Think back to your favourite memory and there will be a scent that takes you right back there every time you smell it. Sometimes its the ocean and running on a beach, or the sugary sweetness of a pick n mix or even the freshly washed linen scent of your bed. Scents are strongly linked to memories and evoking certain feelings.

Scent zoning will be personal to you based on your own fragrance triggers and memories but we have created some suggestions below to help you.

Relaxing - Sleepy TimeCoconut Milk & LavenderNight Owls

Great for bedrooms or late in the evening for quiet time in lounges and any chill out spaces.

Uplifting - UnyuzualSherbet LemonSunkissed Mint

Zingy citrus and menthol minty or herbal fragrances are great for creating an uplifting atmosphere.

Stress Relief - TranquilityPeace RetreatReiki

Romance - Indian Rose & OudhAmbreHypnotise

Luxury florals and perfumes are a great way to turn a room into a romantic snug. Turn down the lights, melt your favourite perfume or musky fragrance and you will feel that warm fuzzy feeling all over again.

We hope this has inspired you to create your own scent zones, just give it a go and experience the great benefits of mood enhancing fragrances.

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