Discount Bath Bundle 1 - Scented Rainbows

Discount Bath Bundle 1

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This premade bundle is hugely reduced as some products are past their best use by dates or are out of season. They are still perfectly safe but the colours and fizz may not be as good as they otherwise would. Any products which have flaws have been identified in the list.

Bon Bon sponge 
Alienne bubbble bar (discoloured label)
Cherry bath soufflé 
Dewberry bath bomb - (lots in stock)
Apple Jelly Soap 
Mango heart bomb 
Sherbet lemon heart bomb - (discoloured) 
Blackcurrant comfort bomb - (past best) 
Grinch bomb - (out of season)
Xmas tree - (out of season)
Bath roses 
Alphabet bomb 
Rush chill pills - (a little squashed)
Parma violet dust - (past best)
Envy bath bomb - (past best)
Satsuma scrub 

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