Beauty Is Everywhere Wax Melt Snap Bar - Scented Rainbows - Two Tone Wax Melt - Ambre Wax

Beauty Is Everywhere Wax Melt Snap Bar

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Part of our mindful moods collection. We wanted to create a range of scents to reflect on the different moods we turn to wax melts for and this one is our, beauty is everywhere scent. Awaken your senses and notice how special every little thing can be. When you need to just reset yourself, slow down and appreciate all those small things. This scent sings of happiness on an earthy base of frankincense. Designed to brighten your day and give you that little bit of a push to stay strong and never give up as there truly is beauty everywhere. 

  • Easily snap apart for many uses
  • Unique wax blend
  • Hours of long lasting fragrance
  • Handmade wax bar
  • Weighs approx 60g