Best of Rainbows Wax Melt Collection - Strong, Long lasting wax melts - Best selling Wax Scents - 8 Colourful Wax Melts - RAINBOWS - Affordable Wax

Best Of Rainbows Wax Melt Collection

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This Rainbow collection consists of 8 of our all time best selling scents who's names coincidentally also spell out RAINBOWS. There is a great range of fragrances in this collection and its perfect for someone new looking to try out our wax melts for a great bargain price!

Each melt can be chopped in half for many hours of great scent release.

Scents included are:

Rainbow Sherbet - Sweet Fizzy

Amish Quilt - Clean Fresh

Ice Queen - Fruity Dupe

Night Owls - Lavender Laundry

Belle - Feminine Perfume

Ocean Jewels - US Laundry Dupe

Waterfall Pearls - Clean Fresh

Sleepy - Relaxing Dupe