Freshly Baked Fruit Loaf Wax Melt Snap Bar - Scented Rainbows

Freshly Baked Fruit Loaf Wax Melt Snap Bar

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The aroma of fresh baked bread filled with juicy raisins and candied fruits. This scent is a mouth watering, homely aroma that is destined to create an enticing atmosphere in any home. 

Did you know that freshly baked bread is the number one scent for increasing property prices as it automatically makes people see a house as more attractive. The warm inviting scent of fresh baking instantly makes a home feel more cosy and inviting.  

  • Easily snap apart for many uses
  • Unique wax blend
  • Weighs approx 55-65g. 
  • Luxury fragrance at an affordable price
  • Offers hours of long lasting fragrance
  • Handmade