Luxury laundry house blend wax melt bar - lenor scent booster wax melts

Precious Ruby Wax Melt Snap Bar

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Do you love laundry scented home fragrance but want something a bit more? Well this wax melt bar has levelled up! Think of the fabulous luxury laundry scents you're used to and then elevate them with a complex scent base and you've got this new beauty.

Luxurious sandalwood meets the clean classic scent of jasmine and freesia laundry beads and just a hint of patchouli makes this a perfect all round, crowd pleasing wax melt bar.

This one is destined to become a popular new favourite home fragrance so don't miss out.

  • Easily snap apart for many uses
  • Unique wax blend
  • Weighs approx 55-65g. 
  • Luxury fragrance at an affordable price
  • Offers hours of long lasting fragrance
  • Handmade