The Addams Wax Melt Collection

The Addams Wax Melt Collection

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 This spooky wax melt collection features a great mix of scents designed to match each characters persona perfectly.  With 8 different amazing fragrances, this Halloween box is destined to be a popular addition to this seasons home scents. Scents included are:

Gomez - As the head of the family we opted for a heady scent mix for this Gomez. Smouldering woods mix with intense heady notes on a subtle frankincense base. 

Morticia - She's mysterious and sensual so we had to create a rich deep oriental perfume blend with dark florals and a provacative vanilla hint to match her aura.

Pugsley - This cheeky chappy needed an earthy blend to mellow out his nature so we opted for a mixed incense and herbal fragrance with lots of myrrh.

Wednesday - She loves black and all things dark so we chose our Onyx scent for our Wednesday fragrance. Onyx has a dark heart of olibanum mixed with lavender and chamomile to create a relaxing yet mystical scent.

Fester - Pure nag champa and nothing else for this guy.

Lurch - It had to be something big and strong for Lurch so we've chosen a high street bath store dupe scent that has a big woody base range with added peppermint and zesty grapefruit.

Cousin IT - This hairy guy needed a warm scent to represent how hot he must be with all that long hair. We wanted a cinnamon heart and have paired this with an outdoorsy leafy aroma with cedar and sandalwood to give him a sophisticated edge too, just like his quirky bowler hat.

Thing - Fun and funky all at once. We had to use dragons blood for this fragrance with a patchouli awesomeness that is surrounded by woods, this scent was perfect.