The Laundry Fairy & Friends Wax Melt Collection

The Laundry Fairy & Friends Wax Melt Collection

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Our most popular wax melt laundry scent has got some new friends! This 8 scent collection is an incredible medley of the laundry fairy with added ooomph to give her that next level scent experience. 

Laundry Fairy - Our best selling original laundry fairy. Just like fairy non bio.

Comfort Fairy - A great fruity laundry mix of the fabulous fairy with a comforting strawberry addition.

Tropic Fairy - A tropical twist, giving our laundry fairy some fun beachy vibes.

Pink Fairy - A perfumed sweet sugary undertone with the clean elements we all love.

Glam Fairy - Great clean laundry with a spritz of fabulous designer perfume. This one sings of luxury.

Sleepy Fairy - A luscious lavender base for this snoozy calm fairy.

Winter Fairy - This fairy friend is full of great clean outdoor vibes with the same clean fresh laundry base.

Flora Fairy - When 2 of the most popular cleaning favs come together. A popular ZoFlo cleaning liquid meets amazing laundry detergent to harmonise cleaning aromas at their best.