You've Got This Wax Melt Snap Bar - Scented Rainbows - Colourful - Wax Melts - Drizzle Effect Wax Bar

You've Got This Wax Melt Snap Bar

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Part of our mindful moods collection. We wanted to create a range of scents to reflect on the different moods we turn to wax melts for and this one is our, you've got this scent. For when you need time to reflect and to give yourself that little pep talk you need. Whether it be to tackle something on your to do list or something much bigger, we all need some time to ourselves to work out what's next and to get the confidence to go for it. This fruity mix of pineapple and tangerine mixed with cassis and jasmin has a heart of musk and is great for some motivational reflection time.  

  • Easily snap apart for many uses
  • Unique wax blend
  • Hours of long lasting fragrance
  • Handmade wax bar
  • Weighs approx 60g